About Us

Instinct Plein Air, founded by Rémi Côté, exists since September 2015 and was born from a passion to transmit our experience and energy recharged by the practice of sports and outdoor adventures to each person who crosses our path.

Initially, we were a team of outdoor Nordic walking coaches in 8 to 10 parks in Quebec and the situation has evolved so that we can integrate Nordic walking trips in France in 2019. 2020 was going very well with the 2nd edition of the trip but the pandemic hit the momentum full force which forced a reflection on the future of the still very small company.

Since 2021, Instinct Plein Air has been transformed into an integrated “Marketplace” -type platform that will be used to promote Canadian suppliers of products and services for outdoor sports and adventures. All this to have an all-in-one portal specialized in our field and to offer more choices and information to followers of all levels.

Same mission as at the start!

Inspiring a growing number of individuals to practice sports and outdoor adventures through relevant information and continuing education. Offer the best advice to equip yourself well and prepare with the best in the market by surrounding us with the best suppliers, manufacturers and Canadian ambassadors who care about protecting our planet with concrete and sustainable actions.