What are the natural trails in Montérégie for walking my dog?

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What are the natural trails in Montérégie for walking my dog?

Do you want to know the best trails in Montérégie to stretch your legs with your dog on a leash? Here is my Top 5:

Crest woods (Saint-Dominique)

Very well located on route 137 between Saint-Hyacinthe and Granby, this private park offered free to the public by the St-Dominique quarries offers us looped trails of 2 to 4 km with the possibility of lengthening because they intersect. The trails are maintained by volunteers and the conditions are very good throughout the year.


You and your dog will be able to go there for hiking, running, biking from spring to fall depending on the amount of snow on the ground. In winter, the larger trails are converted for cross-country skiing but it is still possible to go hiking and snowshoeing using the trails indicated.


I recently spoke with park managers and they are thinking of further improving the quality of the trails and signage. We must be respectful of the rules and keep our dog on a leash if we do not lose access to one of the only natural parks in a very large radius where we can walk our canine partner without trail restrictions.


Seigneurie-de-Ramesay Park (St-Hugues)

Located on the edge of Route 224, 20 minutes from Saint-Hyacinthe, this municipal park, offering a free relaxing and fun place for young families with dogs, is the perfect place to spend a few hours of fun. There is a path of more or less 2 km with a place at the bottom to have a picnic with play area and benches. As a bonus, you are on the edge of a pretty stream the color of the Yamaska!


Cider house Michel Jodoin (Mont Rougemont)

Located on Rang de la Petite-Caroline in Rougemont, you have a beautiful, moderately busy 2.6 km loop trail to introduce you to the mountains while having your four-legged companion with you (Monday to Wednesday). There is an entrance fee per person ($ 3) and dog ($ 2) to be paid to the establishment. Given its short duration, its difficulty is judged to be moderate by its condition which makes certain passages rather technical (rocks, mud ...) but you will be rewarded with the viewpoint halfway to the belvedere and with a little luck, you will be able to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. The apple on the sundae? You will have guessed that on the way back down, a passage inside the cider house is a must to taste their different products and buy directly on the spot what you like as a reward for your efforts!


Miner Woods (Granby)

The easiest access is from Long Street which is perpendicular to Denison West Street in Granby. This park offers a free loop trail of approximately 3.4 km and is moderately busy. Very well maintained with a clearing in the middle of the park to take a relaxing break, this park offers the possibility of walking, running or even touring bike during four seasons. The wooded Miner is very well suited for all ages and abilities making it the perfect place to unwind and have a good time with the family.


Mont St-Bruno National Park

I hesitated to put this very busy park in the top five but since it is in Montérégie and it's still a very pretty place to go to have fun with your four-legged friend, I had to include it J

So in Mont St-Bruno National Park, you have three choices of loop trails available to you for hiking, running or snowshoeing. These are the Seigneurial (7 km), the Petit Duc (1.5km) and the Grand Duc (3.5 km). These are all easy trails and therefore perfect for young families and also the young at heart. There are also picnic areas open to dogs (Les Étangs, Mémorial and du Moulin). Please note that you must have an annual pass or pay your access rights directly on their website to access it.


P.S. in times of pandemic caused by Covid-19, you must always inquire before going to these places on the Government of Quebec site in order to know the regulations which may change at any time.

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